By Jay Gallé

SARS CoV-2, the virus which causes the disease COVID-19, has changed our world in ways unimaginable.  In the last two years we’ve seen great pressure applied to our freedoms with some of them being greatly infringed upon. And from my vantage point, we are losing them, with only isolated pockets of push back.

I believe its the lack of critical thinking which has allowed—not for our freedoms to be taken away—but for them to be given away by a populace willingly accepting censorship, and blindly complying with mandates without giving thought to the incremental erosion of our freedoms, and the potential harm to our physical and psychological health in the name of acting for the greater good.  The U.S. Supreme Court said early on, “even in a pandemic, the Constitution cannot be put away and forgotten.”

A text book example of this is the mass vaccination campaign for children 17 years and younger. 

When I employ some critical thinking, examine the available data and consider the “second opinions” of epidemiologist, virologists, and public health experts from outside the realm of those in charge—the conclusion I draw is that there is no necessity, and is potentially dangerous to vaccinate a child against SARS2 with a shot that has not undergone the usual 5–10-year testing and vetting of previous vaccines, when a healthy kid with no underlying conditions has a survival rate of 99.99%–that’s basically 100%.

Additionally, the COVID shots, regardless of age group, do come with risk. This is documented, and the studies and reports which support this reality exist. There are nearly a million doctors and public health experts from around the world who disagree with current public health policy of no focused protection, the denial of use of “off-label” drugs and early treatment, and the one-size-fits-all remedy of mass vaccination; but this information is being censored and ignored.  

So while, Fauci, Birx, Walensky, Kanter and Avegno are staunch proponents of masks and mass vaccination; I sought a second, third and fourth opinion of other doctors and experts in the field of epidemiology, virology and public health policy like Kulldorff, Bhattacharya, Gupta, Risch, Ioannidis, Atlas, Malone, McCullough, Merik, and Kory.  And like an ill patient seeking as much information as possible when faced with a potential life-changing medical decision, I did the same with COVID-19.

Through this process I arrived at an additional conclusion that the near 100% likelihood of a healthy child surviving the virus is a known outcome. In other words, I know my healthy children will most likely survive COVID by virtue of the near 100% survival rate. But the hastily rolled out vaccine which is still experimental, has not been fully tested, and comes with a chance of developing permanently-damaging myocarditis or pericarditis—is an unknown outcome—there is significant uncertainty. Will my children have an adverse reaction, or will they not—I don’t know.

I’m a Constitutional freedom guy, if you want to take the jab, I support your decision.

But the inverse of that isn’t happening—and that’s a problem. The freedom of self-determination—the freedom to choose to decline the shot, has been stripped away in New Orleans, New York City, Chicago and in California.  When faced with a decision to either get the shot, or lose your job, or stay out of the city’s restaurants and the Superdome, or stay home from school—is not a choice—it’s coercion and authoritarianism.

If you have a physician or pediatric doctor you trust and feel comfortable with their opinion, I would encourage you to continue to follow their advice.  I assume they are knowledgeable, experienced and medically wise. But I’ve lived long enough to realize that a decade of education and a medical degree does not make a person more ethical, conscientious, responsible or courageous—it just makes them a person with 10 years of college. One’s character is what it is, whether you call yourself “doctor,” or “Joe the mechanic.”

This is not a judgment or indictment on anyone, but a statement about us as people and the “human condition.” We are flawed creatures, and prone to a variety of unvirtuous behavior and susceptible to committing any of the seven deadly sins—even if you’re a doctor, mechanic, scientist, journalist, priest or politician…so when something doesn’t pass the smell test, I question, and think critically.